Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It was a sad day around our house today. Our dog, Bullet, had to be put to sleep this morning. Yesterday afternoon, he and Trigger got out and ran around the neighborhood, which they do on occasion. Right before church, one of the kids heard Trigger scratching at the door. When they went to let him in, they saw Bullet sitting on the end of the porch holding his paw up. His paw was severly broken and he had teeth marks in his side and on his face.
We did what we could for him last night and tried to make him comfortable. He didn't move all night. At 8 this morning, as soon as the vet opened, Paul and Zack took him in. The vet confirmed what we already knew, that his paw was badly broken. To fix it would require a $5000 surgery and even then, he couldn't promise his paw would be fixed.
So Paul made the only decision he could. We've been kind of moping around all day, trying to get used to the house without the cute white dog we've all come to love. He was such a funny dog and he made us laugh, alot. We will miss him.


Rebecca said...

Yeah, that's sad to lose a pet. said...

Ohhh so sorry! Its like losing a family member! Poor Trigger he will be all alone now! We'll be praying for Trigger and of course, the family too!

Vicki said...

I know how hard this can be for the family, but when they see another puppy they will light up quickly. :) Missed seeing all on Wednesday, I forgot we were processing the rooster's. They can be so mean and we are leaving for vacation. We have friend's coming over to feed them (neighbor boy's) so we wanted to get rid of most of them. We kept one (the cool one of course). Hate we are missing the Raiford's. I hope there will be cd's. Lord willing we will see you all on Oct.1st. I can't believe that this year is so close to ending. God Bless & please pray for our safety & patience with me as Chris isn't a good car rider. :)