Saturday, September 6, 2008

Anna's Haircut

Anna has been bugging me for a few days now about getting her hair cut. I've just been half listening to her because I didn't think she was really serious about it. So I told her today that I would trim it. She wanted it "shoulder length". Her hair was to the middle of her back, so that meant taking off a few inches, but she was sure she wanted it that way. I sprayed her hair, combed it out and started trimming.

Let's just say I forgot that hair is much longer when wet. And let's just say that I didn't have a decent, sharp pair of scissors. And let's just say that I shouldn't be allowed around my kids hair with a pair of scissors EVER AGAIN.

I did a terrible job. Her hair was much shorter than she wanted it. And crooked. So crooked. I attempted to fix it, but stopped almost immediately because I did not want to make it any shorter. I knew I would need to take her in to get it fixed, so I did. And ended up spending the money I intended to save by doing it myself.

She looks really cute. I've always thought her hair looked better shorter. She likes it and Ellie BEGGED me to cut her hair like that. I learned my lesson and refused! And then we had to tell her dad who loves long hair. Thankfully, he found out before he saw so he wasn't shocked. And he even said he liked it.

I should have known better. Many years ago, I trimmed Paul, Jr.'s hair around his ears and ended up cutting his ear. He's never let me forget.

So, I give up. I will not cut my kids hair again. I hear six sighs of relief around my house. :)

(You will have to wait until tomorrow to see it. Anna's already in bed. Sorry!!)


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I thought it looked really cute. Leave the hair cutting to Paul with his Flobee (spelling?) remember him cutting Drew's hair? I was terrified but it turned out great. :)