Monday, September 22, 2008

Benjamin at 7 Months

Benjamin turned 7 months old today. I can hardly believe it- this last month just flew by. As you can tell, he has learned to enjoy getting his picture taken. As soon as I hold the camera up, he makes this scrunched up face. He now crawls everywhere and loves being mobile and getting into stuff.
He can wave "bye-bye", but doesn't always do it when we ask him to.
He loves Trigger and laughs whenever he gets close to him, but he laughs most at his siblings.
He usually enjoys baby food and loves his bottle. He's learning to use a sippy cup and LOVES popsicles. If you have one, watch out! He will attack!
He's still very good natured and enjoyable!


SITS Girls said...

What a cutie!

Paul Sr. said...

Aparently He's fond of leaves as well! Ben is a lot of fun right now to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Ben is the best natured happiest little guy I've ever known. What a blessing from the LORD. Nana Dziadul