Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today was hot and humid- a typical July day. We had a comfortably full church this morning even though we had some people out for the holiday. It was the first Sunday since our associate pastor and his wife left, and it was kind of sad because of that. Paul did a great job preaching on Ephesians 4:16. He looked so handsome in his peach shirt and black suit- even after 20 years he still makes my heart do flip-flops like it did when we were first dating!

We had 10 people over after church for lunch. I made baked ziti (and I must say it was delicious!) and we had a nice time of fellowship. One of the families is fairly new to our church so it was nice to get to know them. We ended the day with a rousing game of Apples to Apples. This is such a versatile game-we had 12 people playing and even all the kids played and had such a great time.

Then this evening we had Paul's parents and brothers over to celebrate my birthday. They were so kind with their gifts and Anna made delicious brownies for me. It was a nice Sunday.

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