Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 4- The Grand Canyon

We arrived around 5am, their time. Paul, Paul JR. and I got out of the van, to look at the canyon in the moonlight. It was staggering and scary looking. It is so big. I've taken lots of pictures, but they won't do it justice.

We rode the shuttle around, looking at the canyon through the various vantage point. The whole time I kept thinking, "My sister does not need to come here!" She goes crazy about heights, and this would make her crazy, especially if her kids were here! Paul jr. ran right down to the ledge (there was a rail there), and Paul Sr. almost couldn't handle it. Of course, he had been up all night and his nerves were shot, so we decided we would view the canyon from the trail. He did loosen up later in the day and we did go down on the ledge (with a rail, of course!)

It is an amzing sight. You almost can't believe your eyes, and I never tired of looking at it. In fact, I can't wait to get back there are see it again in a few minutes!

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