Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Magnificent Rockies

There are almost no words to describe what we saw today. We spent the entire day driving through the Rocky Mountains, much to the delight of my son Paul and my husband Paul. We were amazed at the grandness and the majesty of these mountains. What an awesome sight! I took over 250 pictures and had a hard time narrowing them down, but these pictures were the best ones, I think.

What Sam thinks about the Rockies!

I was going for the natural, windblown look here!

Holding his snowball!

Both Pauls hiked up this hill just to "experience" the patch of snow that was there. They hiked from the road you see up this high. The girls almost made it.

Then we found a patch of snow right next to the road!

Paul, Sr. and Paul Jr., coming down from the Summit, over 12,000 feet high.

A bull elk.

Sam showing me a very special (and very small) rock he found.

It was a great day. The temperature at the top of the mountain dropped to 48 degrees. It felt like winter up there and we were all glad to have our warm jackets. At one point we drove through a hail storm. It was quite an experience, one I'm sure we'll never forget!


Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures...I'm rather envious!!

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh - all of the pictures are amazing! Everyone looks like they're having a great time.

Missing you,
Cherie, Lauren & Aubrey