Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 4- Ride to The Grand Canyon

We left Colorado Springs around 3. We were so disappointed that Focus on the Family was closed! We also opted not to drive on Pike's Peak, much to the disappointment of Paul, Jr. But the sky above the mountain was sooooo dark that we didn't want to chance it. We went to see Garden of the gods, a very unique rock formation. It was beautiful. We then decided to get on the road towards Arizona since we knew it would be a long ride. What we didn't know was that the route we chose to travel went right through the mountains, meaning that we traveled very slowly because we were pulling the trailer.

We did stop at Great Sand Dunes National Park- what an amazing place! I can't wait to upload pictures. Then we traveled through the night to get here. What a long, long, endless ride.

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Anonymous said...

Great Sand Dunes National Park was a great find for us many years ago - I have been back twice. It is so beautiful with the mountains behind it. We climbed the dunes and then the mt. trails to look down on the dunes - such a beautiful unexpected sight! Glad you got to see so much!
Aunt Pat