Monday, July 28, 2008

Canyon Camping

Dad's new hammock was a favorite spot to sit. A 14 point buck by the side of the road.
Helping dad put up the tent.

A bike ride around camp.

Indian boy.

A very dirty little boy.

3 comments: said...

The last pic of Sam looks like Paul Jr.! Wow! I've never seen the similarity before. Looks like he is having a ball!
Miss y'all. Be safe!
Praying for safety and for wonderful time of family fellowship.

Dar & Family

Anonymous said...

blessings on thee little man-barefoot boy with cheeks of tan-with thy upturned pantaloons and thy merry wistled tunes. BOY do I miss those kids!!! Oh and you two too dear children. GOD bless come home safe and soon Mom (Nana) Dz.

Mia said...

We're enjoying all the pictures!
Glad everything's going well :)