Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 8- Balmorea State Park

We are in Balmorea State Park in Texas after a 2 hour drive. There is fresh water spring here that they have made into a pool. The water is at a constant 65 degrees and it is COLD! The kids are having a great time as they have a diving board and a high dive.

Texas is HOT! It is over 96 degrees here- thank God we have that portable a/c unit for tonight. So far, the weather has been great- feeling more like spring than late summer. But I fear that is over! Welcome to Texas!

I'll post pics the next time I get online.


Anonymous said...

Our morning news said it would be over 100 degrees in Dallas yesterday. We are glad you will be with your Aunt and Uncle for the night. Keep well. come home soon we are lonesome for you.

Jamie said...

I am enjoying seeing all your pictures and hearing of your trip! It looks so beautiful! What great memories you're making! Love the Indian boy and the makeshift bath tub!!!