Monday, July 21, 2008

Day One- Denver, CO

Some images from Kansas; there are hundreds more. :)

I am sitting here in the arid heat of the Colorado sun, watching my family set up our tent and campsite. I have the "hard" job of sitting here by the baby (who is trying to get to sleep) while they are doing all the real work. We arrived here around 8:00am after driving all night from Kansas. I drove about 2 hours, Paul Jr. drove about 2 hours and Paul drove the rest.

This park is so different from any other state park we've seen. The "grass" is brown, and the whole landscape is different. Of course, the view of the Rockies is the best part. We can still only see them in the distance, but look forward to driving through them tomorrow.

We had such a good time in Kansas. As I was sitting in my father's church yesterday morning, it hit me how blessed I am. My entire family was there, and not because they had to be. Paul spoke Wednesday night and yesterday afternoon; my brother preached the morning message; my neice and my nephew each sang a song (and they were fantastic!); my sister played the piano, and her husband is very involved in the church there. Not many families have the privilege that we do- of worshipping the Lord as a family. And it wasn't just yesterday; each Sunday each of us is very involved in our respective churches. I attribute it to my parents and my grandparents and my great grandparents. Each one made hard choices to do the hard things to follow after God, and today,many years later, it has paid off.


Vicki said...

You are right we are all so blessed. In most families today, most families can't say that. Praise the Lord!
I love the picture's. said...

I'm crying again! How do you do that! This post was so precious. This is my dream for my family one day!
I'm so glad y'all are taking this opportunity to see family and travel together as a family. Enjoy this special memory making event!
Be safe & much prayers,
Love y'all Dar & Family

Mrs. M. said...

I'm glad everyone arrived save and sound. It looks like you're already having a wonderful time with your family. You're right! It is a blessing to be able to worship with your extended family and have such a heritage from the Lord. I can imagine all the family stories, and history shared as you all gather together! Blessings on your journey...around the world...with...umm...8! Meesha