Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our last day in Seattle- May 20

We woke up bright and early on Monday, ready to tour downtown Seattle.  Paul had booked us a tour, so we went to the specified meeting place and discovered the tour we had booked, had gone out of business.  Frustrating.  However, the ladies at the desk were very helpful and helped us book another tour which left in a short amount of time and for a comparable price.
We got on the tour bus and knew we were in for a great tour when we met the driver.  He was passionate about Seattle.  First stop was in Pioneer Square, the oldest part of the city and also home to several glass blowers.

 Seattle is a very eclectic city, as evidenced by this troll under a bridge.  The Volkswagon it is holding is an actual car.
 We visited the marina, home to The Deadliest Catch.
 We also visited the fish locks.

 It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed hearing about the city.

 The Space Needle.
 The "cloud" above the ball field is actually the top of Mount Ranier.  It is an unusually clear day when the whole mountain is visible.  The day we flew into Seattle, we were able to see the entire mountain.
 Seattle has beautiful waterfront.

 After the tour we ate here, thanks to another Groupon.  It was delicious food and again, afterward we walked around and came upon another eclectic bakery.  This one made it's own ice cream and waffles for waffle cones.  Again, it was delicious.

 We drove along a beach and waterfront before stopping for dinner with a friend at his house.  It was a delightful day.

Our plane left the next day around 1.  We got up early and headed back to Pike's Market and walked around and bought some more souveniers, and enjoyed a breakfast on the water before heading to the airport and flying home.

We were so glad to be home, yet I was a bit sad to leave.  This had been such a wonderful vacation.  I don't know of anything I would have done differently.  Thanks Paul for a memorable way to celebrate 25 years of marriage!

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