Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 5- Thursday, May 16, part 2

 After we boarded the ship in Skagway, we went back and rested in our room for just a little bit.  I was very excited to get out on deck.  The next few hours were supposed to be the best for viewing the scenery.
 Other cruise ships still in port in Skagway.
 I hurried up on deck with my camera.  It was cold, but I didn't mind.  These types of peaks (cathedral peaks) were in every direction.

 We were also treated to many waterfalls.
 This one had split at the bottom.
 Another view so you can appreciate how long it was.
 This waterfall is named Sawmill falls.  The loggers for many years sent longs down it into the fjord.  Usually the bottom is full of sea lions and seals, but were were a bit too early for that.
 Spectacular!  I couldn't get enough of this view.

 The small town of Haynes, Alaska.  It was originally built as a military outpost.
 See the town at the bottom of that mountain?

 The ship's naturalist narrated this entire sailaway from the bridge.  She told us what we were looking at, explaining everything.  This made the ride very enjoyable.  The "snow" in the picture above is actually another glacier.  She was very excited about this glacier because it is not normally able to be seen.

 More pics of the glacier.


 This is another glacier named Hanging glacier.  It looks small in this picture, but it is huge and deep, like the other glaciers we saw.

 It was so beautiful out.  We were blessed once again with wonderful, clear, dry weather.

 It was COLD out on deck, but well worth the cold to see the scenery.

 Our first view of Eldrid Rock Lighthouse, Alaska's oldest original lighthouse.  Kind of strange how it was all alone, out in the middle of the fjord.
 It was so pretty.

 I couldn't get enough of this view.  I stayed on deck the entire 3 hours we were sailing away, even though it got cold.  It was amazing and I wanted to drink it all in with my eyes.  Paul came and went and even brought me hot chocolate.
 It was windy, as evidenced by my hair!
 The sun was setting behind the mountain.

Another beautiful end to another beautiful day in Alaska.  It was sad when it got dark, for this was the last we would see of Alaska.  We were now headed to Victoria, British Columbia.

After the sun set, we headed in to warm up and eat another delicious meal.  After supper we headed to a show and then bed. 

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