Monday, July 29, 2013

Kansas Trip- Part 1

 Zack was so glad to see us!
 Playing at the park.

 Ellie, Grandma, Anna and Emily

 We were all so happy to see Zack.

 And Jacob.  All 3 of my little kids loved their cousin Jacob.
 Emma loved Aunt Becca.
 And Emily.
 And Grandma.

 The kids enjoyed playing in my parents yard with their lush green grass with no danger of fire ants.

 Badmitten was always a fun choice.

 Visiting on the deck.

 Grilling for dinner one night.

 Grandma bought him an art set and I'm not sure what he was thinking, but he put the green paint in his mouth.
 Emma loved this big orange tub to swim in.  When we first got there, the pool was still so cold and she was a bit scared of the big pool, so she played in this tub for quite a while.
 As did Ben!

We were having a great time!

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