Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 7- Saturday, May 18

 Saturday started out much the same as Friday: gray.  This was our last full day on the ship, so we enjoyed everything we possibly could.  We saw more of the whale sprays, but didn't see the actual whale.
 This was our lunch on Saturday- a pastry buffet.  It was amazing!

 This cheesecake was the best I've ever had.
 A rose made out of white chocolate.
 Everything on this plate was so delicious.  The best lunch I had all week!
 In the afternoon, the skies started brightening up.
 The northernmost part of the United States, apart from Alaska.

 As the afternoon went on, the skies got brighter and brighter.

 Beautiful lighthouse, somewhere off the coast of Northern Washington.
 A seafood appetizer Paul got for dinner this night.
 My dessert.  Heavenly!
 Paul's dessert.  Clouds of merangue in a creamy caramel sauce.  He loved it.  After we ate our dessert, they brought us a cake and sang to us for our anniversary.  We were so full we couldn't eat the cake and brought it back to our room for later.
 Approaching Victoria, British Columbia.


 I had waited all week for a spectacular sunset, and I finally got it.  It was beautiful.

 We got off the ship and followed the crowd and walked about 20 minutes along the waterfront into downtown Victoria.

 Victoria is a bustling city.  There were street performers everywhere, tourists everywhere and little souvenier shops all over the place.  It was absolutely the biggest and most modern city we had visited on our cruise.

 The beautiful Empress Hotel.  We walked along downtown for a while, stopped and had something to drink and then made our way back to the ship.  We sat in one of the lounges and enjoyed live piano music before going back to our room and finishing packing.

It was a nice evening, but bittersweet.  I don't know about Paul, but I wasn't ready for the cruise to be over.  It had been such a nice, relaxing time and I enjoyed just about every moment of it.

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