Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back in Seattle- Sunday, May 19

 The ship arrived back in the port of Seattle early in the morning.  We opted for the quick walk off, carrying our own luggage, and we disembarked the ship around 8.  We took a taxi into downtown Seattle and from there hopped on the light rail, Seattle's public transportation system.  We got to the airport, and then hopped a shuttle to the rental car terminal and finally got our rental car and left the airport around 10:30.

We were beat.  We  wanted to check into our hotel early, but it wasn't ready yet.  So we drove around, had some lunch and finally our room was ready.  We carried in our luggage and promptly lay down and slept hard for a few hours.  All that luxury and relaxing was tiring!
 We got up and headed back into downtown Seattle.  Paul had a groupon for a steakhouse named The Manhatten.  We knew as soon as we walked in that it wasn't your average steakhouse.  The ram hanging on the wall with machine guns as antlers gave that away.
 It was very upscale, even if the atmosphere was eclectic.
 We had macaroni and cheese with pork belly as an appetizer.  It was amazing!  We had never had pork belly before and we loved it.
 I had grilled tenderloin and Paul had halibut.
 We thoroughly enjoyed this meal.  The food was outstanding.
Walking back to the car, we came upon a bakery (they were everywhere!) that made its own cupcakes and ice cream.  Since we were still on vacation, we indulged and the ice cream, cupcakes and cookies. were delicious.  We even tried candied bacon.  Paul loved it; me, not so much.

We headed back to the hotel and on the spur of the moment decided to go see the new Star Trek movie.  We really enjoyed it and then headed back to the hotel and bed.  Tomorrow we were touring Seattle.

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