Monday, February 28, 2011

Thoughts on Fasting

Paul challeneged our church members to fast all or part of last week. Many people participated in many varied forms of fasting. When he first talked about it, I decided I would fast from food for 3 days. He had already decided to fast from Sunday to Sunday. This is the longest he has ever fasted and it was quite a challenge for him to partake in. He started Sunday and did well, even during our Fellowship meal at church. He was hungry, but not overly so.

I woke up Monday morning and "out of the blue" decided I was going to join him on this fast until Sunday. I say out of the blue, but I know the thought came from God. I had fasted one time for 5 days (can't really remember why), so I was fairly sure I could do this.

It made it easier for both of us to be doing it. We were able to encourage each other and have sympathy for each other when we wated to eat. I found out that I was not really that hungry, the entire 6 days. The hunger would come, strong, but then it would go somewhat quickly. I also realized how much "mindless" eating I do. You know, taking a spoonful when you're making dinner or eating a bite or two off the little one's plates.

Paul lost 9 lbs and I lost 10. He looks great! It is amazing how much these last 9 pounds have changed the look of his face and body. He looks like he did 20 years ago. The weight loss was a (nice) side effect but it was not the reason we fasted.

We fasted and prayed for the beginning of Lake Wildwood Baptist Church. God laid on the heart of the leadership of our church to begin anew. We prayed for God's richest blessings on our church and specifically on this Sunday, that God would bring many people out to hear His Gospel.

We had 107 people on Sunday, about 40 more than our normal Sunday attendance. It was a wonderful service, with special music and preaching. God blessed our church on Sunday and some of those blessings may not be known for years; some may never be known on this side of heaven.

I was very proud of our church members Sunday; they all did a great job doing whatever needed doing. But I was also proud of the ones that fasted the week before. There were many people fasting many different things all week long and I think God blessed that tremendously!

**Please don't be impressed with our fasting. I did not write the post for that reason. I wrote it to encourage someone that may be considering starting that spiritual discipline and also to remind myself in the days, weeks and years to come of what God is capable of doing in the lives of those who are serious. Paul and I are considering fasting one day a week to pray for our children. I need to remind myself that this is a worthy discipline to partake in.

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