Saturday, February 5, 2011


Wednesday night at church Sam was sitting across the table from me. About halfway through the service, I happened to look across at him and noticed him writing intently. He would write a letter, then silently mouth a word to himself and figure out the next letter and then write it down. He did this for quite a while. His paper was so cute when he finished that I took it and saved it. "Sam". We're still working on getting the S the right way. I always find it amazing how children can write their letters perfectly backwards. Zack used to write whole sentences backwards.
A list of everyone in the family. I find it so cute how he spelled Emma Grace: "EMU GRS". He got it right phonetically.
"Mom", "Dad" and "Anna" were easy for him.

"Elle" and "Pol" were a bit harder. He is doing great in Kindergarten, sounding out simple words. He's very quick to understand concepts, much like Paul Jr. was. I love teaching Kindergarten- what fun Sam, Ben and I have each day.

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