Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recent Deals

Have you ever heard of DealPulp? I hadn't either until last week when they ran a great special. They were offering a box of clothes from ThredUp, another company I'd never heard of, for $6. ThredUp is a used children's clothing swap site. You can buy a box of gently used clothes (that you pick) for $5 and then pay $10 to have it shipped to you. An OK deal, but not great. Well, DealPulp was offering free shipping- only $6 for a box of clothes- a much better deal. To sweeten it even further, DealPulp was offering a $5 credit for new customers. So, do the math and the box of clothes were now $1- a wonderful deal! Emma has outgrown most of her clothes, and she has outgrown the little girl that was giving her hand me downs. I have been on a search for gently used clothes for her, so I could not pass up this deal. I went to the ThredUp site, searched every box in her size and picked one. I figured at the worst, I was out a buck; at best, I would get a box of clothes she could wear.
I got the box today and I LOVED every outfit in it! The clothes were all in great condition and so cute. Ellie and I squealed as we unpacked all the clothes. This deal was much better than I even hoped it would be.
This morning as I was on Facebook, one of my friends posted a link to a coupon for $1 off Mueller's pasta. She even mentioned that Food Lion had it on sale for $1, making the pasta free. Well, I printed out 12 coupons (there was no limit), went to Food Lion tonight and came home with 12 boxes of pasta for which I paid nothing.
Gotta love a great deal!!

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Gretchen said...

WOw! Great deals! I did the Thred up deal as well -- and got a box of boy stuff. Mostly onesies and sleepers, but in good shape and all for a dollar! YAY!!!

What size is Emma in now? I'm sure Sus probably has some hand-me-downs she could share (especially since we know her brother won't want them!).