Friday, March 11, 2011


I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I last posted. Where has the time gone?

We've been extremely busy around here in these two weeks. Well, busy and sick.

Last week, we attended a local "campmeeting". I had never heard of a campmeeting (other than youth camp) until a few years ago. I would describe it as a revival on steriods. This campmeeting was held at a church located about 30 minutes away. There were services every morning and evening and the church provided lunch and supper every day. Our entire family enjoyed these services very much. Lots of great preaching and special music. We didn't make it every day, but went quite a bit through the week.

Very early Friday morning, Ben woke up throwing up. Ugh. So Friday, the little ones and I stayed home from the services. Come to find out, that this stomach bug was working it's way through the nursery in the church. Ben was only sick a day and a half. He's a hardy little guy.

Monday afternoon, Emma threw up. And hasn't stopped since. Paul came down with a virus much like the flu Monday evening. Sam began throwing up Tuesday night. Anna has had sore throat and headache on and off all week. Paul Jr. just walked in the house from work a little while ago and told me he felt like he's been hit by a bus. I've been battling a headache and sore throat on and off, but haven't felt "sick".

So it's been a fun week around here. Poor Emma has had it the worst. We thought she was recovering yesterday, but had a relapse last night. Today she is just limp. She did eat about half a container of baby food and held it down this afternoon. Maybe?? Sam seemed to get better and then threw up again Wednesday night. He seemed better Thursday and then woke up from a nap burning up and complaing of ear pain. And then he threw up again. I know when he complains of ear pain, he has a bad ear infection. So I took him and Emma into the doctor last night and she said his ear was on fire. Because he couldn't hold anything down, he had to have a shot. Poor kid. Last thing you want when you don't feel good already is more pain. But the shot seems to have cleared him up. His ear does not hurt today and his stomach seems to be better.

Paul is feeling much better today, but has a lingering cough and weakness. He was surprised at how bad he felt- it's been a long time since he has been this sick.

So that's what we've been doing. I'm hoping and praying we're all on the mend- it's not fun being sick and it's not fun taking care of so many sick people. Anna and Ellie have helped me out tremendously, especially in the area of cleaning up vomit. Most of the time I didn't even ask them to do it- they willingly did it. They are troopers.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, Anna & Ellie, the clean-up crew! Think they deserve a medal or something! This Momma thinks y'all are great.

Mrs. Creath