Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ben's Birthday

We wanted to make Ben's birthday a special day for him. When the big kids were little, I took them to Chuck E Cheese on their birthdays, just for a special treat. I had forgotten about that, but remembered earlier this week. So this morning, Anna and I took Ben and Sam to Chuck E Cheese. I think there were 2 other people there. It is a nice place when it's empty! Ben loved riding this horse.
This is about all Sam did- play Mario Kart.
He wasn't too sure about this ride and ended up getting off before it started.
Back on the horse!
Eating a popsicle.
He loves popsicles.
His big birthday smile, or so he said.
Meeting Chuckie.
Some of my children have been afraid of Chuckie at this age. Not Ben.
After Chuck E Cheese, we picked up Emma and lunch and headed to the park. It was 80 today and breezy and beautiful.
We love a picnic.
Sam was serious about the food.
Emma's first time at the park.
And her first time on the swing. She loved it!
Sweetie Pie~
She smiled and laughed while she was swinging. I think it tickled her stomach.
The big boy who doesn't even need a push anymore.
He was telling me he wanted to go as high as the sun.
A monkey on the monkey bars. (Check out that tongue)
Merry Go Round.
We had a nice time and Ben enjoyed himself.

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