Monday, February 28, 2011

Ben's Party

Ben was VERY excited for his party. He could not wait and asked about it all day. When people started arriving, he was beside himself. He was so animated opening his presents. I'm still disappointed we didn't get it on video. He was crazy excited! It started out slowly,
and with each present the excitement grew. Notice he's not sitting down anymore?
Here he was watching Dad and Andy play with his walkie-talkies. I was surprised at his self-control, not to snatch them out of their hands.
An alligator and snakes from his sisters. Look at Andy, playing along with Ben!
When he opened this present, (a pb candy heart) he yelled, "MY VALENTINE! MY VALENTINE!" and then he kissed it over and over. It was so funny! Later that evening, he did NOT want to share, but I persuaded him to give everyone a bite. He held onto that heart as each of us bit into it, watching carefully that we did not take too much.
A mini bottle of sparkling apple juice from Dad.
Emma wanted in on all the fun!
Anna made him this cute, cute robot cake. He loves robots (for whatever reason!) and she searched online and found a cute tutorial and did a wonderful job with this cake.
3 candles!
Trying to keep him from blowing out the candles too early.
but there was not stopping him when the song was done.
He had such a great birthday. I hope he will remember at least part of it when he gets older, but I know I will remember his excitement for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun! Still can't believe Ben is 3 now!
Anna's cake came out great!