Sunday, June 8, 2008


Today was a hot, hot day, as it has been here for about two weeks. I'm already tired of the heat and it's not even the middle of June. Makes me wonder what July and August will be like.

Paul, Paul Jr., Zack and Anna left today for a week at teen camp. It is an ordeal to get them all packed and out the door. There is always something missing, something that needs to be found before they can leave. But, finally they left about 4. And they left Ellie and I a very messy house. In all their "gathering", they sure did leave alot to be cleaned up. So after they left and we rested for a while, Ellie and I cleaned and got the house back in shape. Hopefully it will stay clean this week while they are gone.

It is odd to be home with the 2 little boys and Ellie. She is a great helper, though. I wonder many times how I took care of Paul and Zack when they were the ages of Sam and Ben, with no older ones to help. It must have been ok because I was younger! Actually, when Paul and Zack were 3 years and 3 months, I watched children in my home. Somedays I had 5 other children, plus my own. I'm glad those days are over!

So this should be an interesting week. I hope it cools down some, although I don't think it is supposed to. We'll be spending alot of time inside. :)

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