Sunday, June 22, 2008

Benjamin at 4 Months

Benjamin is four months old today. I tried to take some pictures of him this evening, but they didn't turn out so well. It's hard to take the picture, make sure the baby is not falling over and try to make the baby laugh when you're by yourself! You can see how he's grown, however. He is a very smily, very good natured baby! He still spits up, alot, but it doesn't seem that his stomach bothers him anymore. Both of his eyes have cleared up this month- it is nice not to have to clean his eyes every few minutes. He was getting a little tired of that!
He is wearing an outfit that was given to Paul, Jr., when he was born, over 18 years ago. All four of my boys have worn it.

Benjamin weighs 15 lbs., 8 oz. at 4 months. At the same age:

Paul weighed 13 lbs., 11oz.,

Zack weighed 17 lbs., 10 oz.,

Anna weighed 15 lbs., 8 oz.,

Ellie weighed 15 lbs., 5 oz.,

Sam weighed 15 lbs., 5 oz.

Other than Paul and Zack, the last four have been about the same. It's funny to me that Paul and Zack were such extremes!


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Oohhhh he's so cute I wanna reach thru the screen and squeeze that cuteness!!! How cool that your boys have all worn the same outfits!