Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home from Camp

Paul, Ellie and Sam arrived home from beginner camp this afternoon. They all had a good time, but I think Sam enjoyed it the most. He thought he was a "big kid" the whole time he was there and was none to happy to arrive home and be a 3 year old again, and have to take naps! He was rather put out with me when I informed him it was naptime! He fell right asleep, and Ellie almost fell asleep in church tonight. Camp does tire a kid out.
I gave him a bath before church and wasn't paying attention to how much water was in the tub. I turned around and I saw just his face sticking out of the suds. It was so funny!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics from camp! Drew will get a kick out of seeing his pic on your blog. Thanks for everything!


Mia said...

Sam was a great camper :)
I really like the pictures!

V said...

I remember those day's with the head sticking out of the water. I got a few of those shot's long ago myself. Ha!! cute picture's and I am sure he did feel like a big boy while at camp...big brother to baby Ben.

Anonymous said...

Elizabetth, I am sure your life is never boring, mine never was either, still isn't. :)
See ya soon, Love Mom

Beth said...

he does have a mind of his own

Anonymous said...

its hard to go back to being a little kid love anna