Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Paul

Delaware, 1987
Massachusetts, 1988

20 years. Can it be? On one hand, it seems much longer. I don't remember what life was like when you weren't in it. On the other hand, it seems only a few years since we married, not 20. I remember when my parents had their 20th anniversary- and now it's us.

20 years.

7 children (one waiting for us in heaven).

3 states.

7 apartments/houses.

7 vehicles. (or thereabouts).

3 churches.

5 deaths of grandparents.

10 jobs.

Paul, I'd do it all over again without even thinking about it. God sure blessed me that day in Boston when something "turned on" in my heart. I had prayed since I was a teenager that God would turn me off towards boys, and He did. But I remember when He turned me back on and I am so thankful it was for you.
June 18th, 1988

I can't wait for the next 20 years, because I get to spend it with you. You make life interesting (to say the least)! Happy Anniversary to the man I love, the man I am privileged to complete.

Florida, 1989



V said...

I love the picture's of you all. They are so precious and you look like babies...20 year's is a blessing to be married and still having babies. :)


Rebecca said...

20 years ago you were just a couple of you're so OLD!!!!! LOL!!!! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

20 years blessed and being a blessing. You have no idea how much your marriage and family blesses others. May Our LORD make the next 20 even more fruitful and joyful for your both. Mom Dziadul said...

How sweet!! Congratulations on twenty years!! Wow!
The Lord's blessings on your family. He is using you all to bless many other lives. Thanks for serving!
Love you guys,
Dar & Family

Rebecca said...

I received a comment on today's post. It's the first commenter. Check out her's something I think you'll like!!

Gretchen said...

Hey, I remember that wedding!

Happy anniversary, you guys!