Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 Things You will Never Hear Me Say

1. Go ahead. Put your clean clothes in the dirty clothes hamper instead of putting them away. I don't mind washing clean clothes again. Really.

2. Don't bother helping to clean up after supper. I enjoy doing all the supper jobs while you all play around.

3. I'm done having babies. (If I said this immediately after giving birth, it doesn't count:)

4. I sure hope the baby gets up two or three times tonight. I love that feeling I get in the morning after being up all night.

5. You don't like what I made for supper? Ok, let me make you something different.

6. Yes, honey, lets get another stray dog, and while we're at it, let's get a couple of cats too.

7. Could I have a cup of coffee?

8. There's not enough vinegar in this salad dressing.

9. No really, honey, I don't want a night out all by myself.

10. I just love it when the house is trashed!

Ha Ha!

I tag:

to list 1o things they'd never say on their blogs!

3 comments: said...

Thanks for the good laugh this morning before we get started on housecleaning and everyone chasing each other around the house!!!
Laughing hard feels good!!!
Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Here's one from me Elizabeth
Go ahead play that game without me. lol
Love, Mom
Counting the days!!!!!

V said...

That was really funny! I think I would have to ditto many of them!!!