Monday, August 26, 2013

Random Pics from June and July

 Emma in her twirly red polka dot dress and red shoes.  When Grandma first gave her the shoes, she immediately dubbed them her running shoes.  I have no idea why, but she still calls them that.
 She also gave herself a lovely haircut.  She the short hairs standing on the top of her head. Yep.
 Dad and the boys.
 Dad and the little kids.

 Dad and baby girl and baby boy.
 Dad and Mom.
 Emma looking patriotic in red white and blue.

 Anna's beautiful cake she made for 4th of July.
 She did such a great job.
 We had a picnic at Sherry and Jere's.  It lasted about 3 minutes before we quickly moved everything inside to avoid the torrential rains.
 After the inside picnic, we went to the Lee Greenwood concert.
 Emma loved this patriotic guy.  She called him "the funny guy".

 Watching fireworks.

 Paul and Courtney came for a visit.
 Dad's sense of style is completely his own.

Ben being himself.

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