Monday, August 5, 2013

Kansas- Part 4- Kaleidoscope

 I was determined to take Sam and Ben to Kaleidoscope  while we were in Kansas.  Kaleidoscope  is owned by the Hallmark Company and it is a place kids can come to create "art" with leftovers from the card making company.  The best part? It is free.  Years ago, Paul, Zack and Anna came, but years ago, parents were not allowed in the Kaleidoscope, only kids.  Well, times have changed and now parents have to come.  So this was actually my first time here.  Zack came along with us.  Zack used to love going here when we came to visit, so he enjoyed coming along with us.  (I think)  This picture is of Ben, using melted crayons to paint.
 Ben was in his glory.  He loved creating, but at times it was a bit much.  He wanted to do everything!
 Sam and Zack.
 Coloring a piece of cardboard that would be turned into a puzzle.
 The puzzle maker

 We had a great time and the boys loved it.
 Afterward we walked over to Crown Center and walked around for a while.
 Zack is a great big brother.

 There was a Curious George exhibit there the boys played around it.

 We then drove back towards the area where my parents live.  I realized where we were, and I really enjoyed driving by places we had gone to when I was a kid.  We drove by the building that housed my Grandpa's church years ago, and also what used to be Furrs where Grandpa and Grandma would eat quite often and then Frontier Steak House, where I remember going to eat Sunday's after church.  When we passed Frontier, I knew the cemetery was right down the road so Zack and I decided to see if we could find my Grandparents grave.  I knew where it was, so we drove there.  Unfortunately, we didn't drive far enough.  We were so close and we looked and looked and looked but didn't find it, so we called Cliff and he told us where to go.  We were literally right next to it.

 Sometimes, it seems unreal that they are gone.  They sure are missed.
 That night, we decided to make a family favorite: Nutty Fagan.
 Mmmmm.  Always delicious.
 Emma was so tired out from the activities of the day that she put herself to bed in Grandma's recliner.
What a great day!

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