Monday, August 5, 2013

Kansas Part 5- Pinterest Party

One night, my Mom decided that we were going to have a Pinterest Party.  We each chose a recipe or two that we had pinned on Pinterest and made it.  It was great fun!  My mom started with dinner.  She made brown sugar and garlic chicken- it was delicious.  My children literally scraped the platter to get all that good tasting sauce.  It was a winner.

 She also made grape salad.  I had made grape salad before, and loved it, but this recipe took it to a new level.  It was amazing.  I have since made it several times and every bit gets eaten.  Another winner.
 I made homemade marshmellows.  I wasn't really excited to make them cause I'm not a big fan of marshmellows but my mom wanted to try them out, so I made them.  They were so good- so much better than store bought, and fairly easy to make.
 Amy (my neice) made old fashioned donut muffins.  Mmmm- they were so good!
 While we were trying some of the food, Anna, Ellie and Emily assembled the bacon snacker crackers
 Oh.  They are sooooooo good.  Everytime.
 Emma took a nighttime swim.
 Rebecca made strawberry fudge.  Very rich and very good.
 She also made chocolate chip salted caramel bars.  Mmmm.  You could only eat about a half of one because it was so rich.
 Here we are, visiting and eating.  Does it get any better??
 Ellie's butter beer.  Ellie did not realize we were doing this but wanted to be included, so she quickly found a recipe from Harry Potter.  In essence, it sounded good.  In reality, not so much.  It also put a few of us over the top from all the rich food.
 But everybody found room for these amazing bacon snacker crackers.  They win the prize, in my opinion.  Emily also made a roasted peach tea which looked amazing and everyone said was wonderful.  Sadly, I did not get apicture before it was all gone.
 Zack and Ben.  15 years apart in age, yet so much alike.
Zack's little sibling miss him being at home...and I think Zack misses his little siblings.

It was a fun night, but I think all of us skipped breakfast the next morning!!  Good thing Pinterest parties are not an every night affair!

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