Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kansas- Part 7- After the Concert

 My sister and her oldest son.
 Rebecca, Jacob, Joshua and Zachary.
 Cliff and his boys.
 Rebecca wanted some family pictures since it is hard to get every one together.  I thought this was such a nice family picture.
 This young lady (a friend of my nephew) played with a very grumpy Emma the entire time and kept her happy.
 Me, my cousin Julie and Rebecca
 My Powell nieces and nephews.  I can hardly believe they are this old already.  Doesn't seem that long ago I was carrying them around on my hip.
 Amy and Josh.  These two gave us many memorable moments when they were little!
 Josh and Emily.  Rebecca's oldest and youngest.
 The "older" cousins minus Paul Jr.
 Powell kids and Grandma
 Older cousins (minus Paul Jr)
 All the grandkids that were there (minus Paul Jr., Andie Mae and Ethan) and Grandma and Grandpa.  (by this time, Ben and Emma had had enough.  It was well past 10 and they were exhausted- and it showed)
What a crew!

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