Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paul's Night

Saturday evening, Paul had the first "night" of the season for our family. Our nights are a bit different this year, seeing as Zachary is gone and Paul, Jr., is working. So on this night, Paul decided he would take me, Anna and Ellie out to for dinner and then to a community theatre to see:
"The Homecoming", the book that the Waltons series is based on. We enjoyed it so much! The actors and actresses did such a great job and it was a very enjoyable evening. Since Sam and Ben didn't get to go with us, Paul let them open his gift before we left.
Hmmmm. What could it be?
Dad! What kind of wrapping is this??
Now he's getting somewhere.
Ben comes over to help.
He still has no idea what it is.
Nope. Still no idea.
But Ellie's figured it out.
Now both the girls know and was Sam ever excited when he finally realized that Dad had gotten the family a WII for Christmas! Such excitement!
Thanks Dad. It was a great time.

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