Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Misc Pictures

Anna and Ellie were members of a homeschool chorus this Fall. They loved singing with the other kids and their choir had a really nice sound. Here they were performing at a retirement home for the older folks.
This is right before Ellie almost passed out. Thankfully she had enough sense to come sit down when she realized she wasn't going to make it. She didn't have anything to eat or drink before singing and it was very hot in that room.
They did a great job.
Emma propelling herself out of her swing.
Look! Under the tree! It's a pair of blue eyes.
It's Schnitzel, the Christmas dog.
He has decided he likes to lay under the tree. Bad thing is he likes to chew things up under there also and he makes a big mess.
Emma Grace getting a bath in the sink. She is a well put together baby!
And a very happy baby!
Benjamin and his "happy" face.
Sam and his "happy" face.
Two onery brothers.


Anonymous said...

Ben reminds me so much of my brother Bills picture when he was a little boy. Something about the look. Love, Mom

Jenna said...

Love the pictures, but I think I am missing something. What do you mean by "our nights"? Is this a Christmas family tradition? How does it work?