Thursday, June 3, 2010


It seems all I write about anymore is my doctor's appointments. I had another one today for my twice weekly NST. Emma did ok, taking about an hour to do what they wanted her to do. The big news of the day was my blood pressure. It was 110/68, extremely low for me when I'm not pregnant, unheard of when I'm 34 weeks pregnant. This is the third time in a row that it has been this low. I almost let myself believe the first time or two were flukes, but today I'm pretty much convinced it's the supplement I'm taking. That is the only thing that is different this time around. By this time in my pregnancy with Sam, I was on bedrest. By this time in my pregnancy with Ben, I was on 3 meds, trying to keep the bp to manageable levels. So for me to not be on bedrest or not be on 3 meds (or even to up the meds I'm on) is amazing! I'm on the same level of meds that I started on way back in January!

Ben is doing wonderful in potty training! He's still going to the potty on his own, with no one asking him every ten minutes if he has to go. Woo-Hoo! The big test will be when we take him out of the house with training pants on- but I have a feeling he'll do great. Last night at church, Anna couldn't find him (a regular occurrence!). She finally found him in the bathroom, shorts off, diaper off and on the potty, using it. Go Ben Go!!

Anna goes to teen camp next week and is very much looking forward to it. I'm glad she can get a little break before the baby comes. She and Ellie do so much around here, especially right now when I'm pregnant and not feeling well. She deserves a break! Although, she is very much looking forward to her baby sister getting here.

We had a nice Memorial Day Picnic at Sherry and Phil's house. I only stayed for a part of it before I needed to go lay down at home. But the food was great and the kids loved swimming and the fireworks. Can't believe it's the start of summer.

I should find out next Monday the date for Emma's birth. It's getting so close and I am getting anxious about the c-section, specifically the epidural/spinal part about it. With Ben, they had such problems getting it started that they ended up knocking me out. I would almost they rather start with that then go through trying to get it started and it not working. I would appreciate all prayers for peace!


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