Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Baby Shower

Last night, I was thrown a surprise baby shower! What a great time it was! We had a wonderful turnout of about 30 women, who were all friends of mine. What a shock to walk in and see all my friends (well, maybe not ALL my friends) sitting there, yelling surprise! The cake was so cute and so delicious!
Some of the ladies who attended.
Cute little bib!
I received so many beautiful and cute clothes for Emma.
More of the ladies and gifts.
The girls and I were so excited to go through all the stuff today! Here are some of the socks we received. Up to this point, I had no girly socks. Now, she has plenty!

A beautiful crib set and beautiful diaper bag. How nice to carry a girly diaper bag after carrying boyish ones for years!
The laundry basket is FULL of clothes and blankets, ready to be washed. We received so many cute, cute things that Emma will be the best dressed baby in Georgia!

Soaps, Shampoo, lotions, etc.
Diapers and Wipes. I think we counted over 540 diapers!!
She received so much more than I could fit in these pictures and so many cute outifts that I'm sure you will see on this blog in the coming weeks and months.
13 more days and she will be here and we are making some serious progress on the new room. Paul and another man got the door in today, which was the hardest part of the room. Tomorrow and the next few days will be sheetrocking and then priming and painting and then moving the kids around. Exciting stuff! I'll post some pictures tomorrow of the progress being made.
Doctors appointment in the morning. As always, I pray she will cooperate and move- alot- and that I will be in and out of there! I've much to do at home!

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Rebecca said...

I vowed I wasn't going to buy you any outfits right now since I figured you'd have plenty. I caved!!!! I have such an affinity for little jumpers!!