Monday, June 7, 2010

35 Weeks

I'll be 35 weeks along tomorrow. Everything went well today at the doctor's visit. I was expecting them to set the date, but they wanted to wait until 36 weeks. Ok. I figure it will be June 29 or July 6. Either date is coming right up.

It was a hard day today. I was very aggitated all day and I couldn't even tell you why. (Other than the obvious!) I'm getting tired and weary. I know I'm in the homestretch, but the days seem long when doing anything requires a huge effort. I'm trying not to complain and just be thankful. Yesterday during church we had communion and God really convicted me of not being thankful that I am pregnant. I am thankful- I just forget sometimes. I know I'm blessed. I know many, many women would give anything to be 35 weeks pregnant in a healthy pregnancy. And I know it will be worth it all when Emma Grace is placed in my arms. I just have to keep reminding myself when the going gets tough, as it has been.

Ben did great at church yesterday not wearing a diaper. He is a champ! My first four children trained the same way at about the same age. Samuel was determined to be different! But even he was fully trained by 3. The girls are enjoying a break from diapers before it starts all over again. But there is no comparison in changing a newborn's diaper vs. a 2 year old boy's diaper!

Goodnight all.

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