Monday, June 14, 2010

She will arrive...

on Tuesday, July 6th at 9:30. Woo-Hoo! 3 weeks away! Now that the date is set, it seems so close. My birthday is July 5th, so it seems we will share birthday parties, much like Paul and Sam do.

I have been wavering between excitement and anxiety all day. Well, really all during this pregnancy. Excitement that I'm finally going to see this baby and hold her and enjoy her. Anxiety about the c-section. I do not like having a scheduled c-section, at all. But it's really not the c-section that fills me with anxiety. It's the anesthesia being administered. I had such a hard, scary time with Ben that I just can't help wonder if it's going to be like that again. I would appreciate your prayers, both for the procedure and for peace of mind.

3 weeks.
21 days.
504 hours.

You get the idea.

(Benjamin at 4 days old. Sweet baby)

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Jenna said...

I will be praying for you Elizabeth! Anethesia anxiety is a huge thing for me, too, so I completely understand. I had a horrible anesthesia experience at R's birth (epidural went UP my spine instead of down, so my chest and arms were paralyzed but I felt everything down below!)then another bad experience after another surgery. Since then I tend to almost go into full blown panic attacks when I have to receive anesthesia. It's gotten better with my past couple of surgeries, though. I will pray for God's peace that passes all understanding to envelope you!