Friday, August 17, 2012

Random thoughts

  • Wow.  What a week.  Actually, what a two weeks!  These past two weeks have been so crazy.  I thought this would be a quiet, easy week.  Was I ever wrong!
  • After the emotional upheaval of this past weekend, Paul and I were ready to just lay low at home and recover.  It wasn't meant to be.
  • Early Tuesday morning, Schnitzel (our dauschound) was attacked by a pit bull and required a visit to the vet and surgery.  It threw the whole day off.
  • I have developed a horrible cold and cough.  Again.  Feels just like what I had when we went on vacation.  I.Don't. Have. Time. For. This.
  • My plan was to start school last Wednesday, August 8th.  Didn't happen.  We had Classical Conversations school on Monday, so I thought we'd for sure start on Tuesday, August 14.  Didn't happen.  Ok.  Wednesday was the definite starting date.  We did do some school on Wednesday, but not a full day.  Thursday would be our first full day.  NOT.  Ugh.  Friday maybe?  Nope.  Wasn't meant to be.
  • We did start.  Sometimes, I have found, you just have to start with what you have and build from there.  This next week will be much better.  I hope.
  • Sam and Ben are doing amazing on their memory work.  Sam has about 90% down and Ben has maybe 60%.  The cutest thing is to hear Ben recite the classifications of living things.
  • Paul has dropped several more pounds!  He looks fantastic.  I've lost a few more myself and am up to 124 lost!  Woo-Hoo!  I think we found the missing ingredient to our continued weight loss.
  • We had a nice break in the weather, but it's over.  Back to the heat and humidity of middle Georgia in mid-August.
  • We attended the funeral of one of the charter members of our church on Thursday.  John and Marion were married 67 1/2 years.  She had Parkinson's real bad at the end and a year or so ago, she asked him, "Will you hold my hand when I cross that bridge?" and he determined to be holding her hand when she passed.  He knew the end was near and would not let go of her hand all day last Sunday until she stopped breathing Sunday night.  So sweet and so sad.
  • Whenever I get to missing Paul Jr., I remind myself that he could be here instead of at college, and I immediately feel much better!  Amazing how my perspective has changed!
  • Good Night!

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