Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Miracle

Saturday morning Paul Jr. left bright and early for Rome, GA and Shorter University.  It was a tearful goodbye.  (Well, I was tearful- he was excited!).  I did what I had to at home and then headed up to the church to print some stuff off the Internet, all the while feeling like there was a black cloud over my head.  I pulled into the church parking lot and had myself a good cry.  My  kids know the church as a second home and the memories of Paul came flooding into my mind as I sat in the parking lot, trying to compose myself.  After a few minutes I went in and got to work.

I got a text on my phone from Paul Jr saying he had arrived.  We were all a little concerned because some of the paperwork he needed didn't arrive in time for him to take it with him, and he only had substitutes for what he needed.  About an hour later, I got a call from him.

His financing fell through.  What he thought he had in reality wasn't there.  I didn't know what to tell him and Paul was in a meeting all day.  He hung up and I started praying that everything would work out.

A few hours later he finally got ahold of his dad, but it was to no avail.  The financing wasn't there and the bill was too great.  The business office at the school closed early on Saturday, but they said he could stay through the weekend and come back in Monday morning.

It was a long weekend for all of us.  I felt sick to my stomach for most of it.  I couldn't envision him coming back home after the big send off we had for him and after him waiting so long to go.  I started searching on the Internet for other options.  Sunday night, he called and talked to Paul and I.  He was very down and discouraged.  Paul prayed with him that God's will would be abundantly clear.  He prayed that if Paul Jr  was to stay at Shorter, that the financing would be provided; if not, then God would show Paul Jr. where to go.

Monday morning, around noon, Paul talked to him.  There was no financing.  Paul Jr. was headed to the business office to withdraw.  We were at school, and Paul related this to me in the middle of the busy lunchroom.  My heart sank.  I hated that for my son.  Paul's heart was heavy as he returned to his teaching duties.

Emma and I went and sat outside and I texted Paul Jr., asking him if he would be coming home.  I couldn't imagine how he would bring himself to come back home.  I remember thinking how ironic it was- I was so sad when he left, but now I was even sadder to know he was coming home.

A few minutes later I got a text.  I read it; then I read it again; then I read it again.  It said, "No, I'm not coming home.  I was awarded over ten thousand dollars!! I'm off to freshman camp- I'll call you in two days. "

Huh??  I tried calling him and texting him but no answer.  It literally took about 5 minutes for his message to sink in.

God did MORE than we asked.  MORE than we thought!!  WOO HOO!  My first thought was I have to tell Paul, but he was in the middle of teaching 8th grade.

I couldn't help myself.  I went into the building, knocked on his door.  I knew when he saw me he'd think something bad had happened, and he did.  I didn't even say anything, just held up the phone so he could read the text.

He cried.  We both had tears in our eyes.  You couldn't have wiped the smiles off our faces if you tried!

I just talked to Paul Jr. a little while ago.  While he was in the business office trying to withdraw, the lady was searching and searching for something that might help him.  He said he was thinking in his head, "Lady.  Please.  I just want to leave" when she gasped.  She found a fund that churches had given for this just this purpose.  They gave him everything they had- and that includes over $800 for books!

He is flying high- he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he is exactly where God wants him to be.  I think that message came through loud and clear!!


Mandy Paedae said...

Wonderful, our Lord is amazing. I loved reading this!

Anonymous said...

God is TOTALLY AMAZING! so happy for you PJ-Oriana

Chuck said...

What an amazing blessing and confirmation that the Lord is with us each step of the way and the power of prayer!