Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paul's Goodbye Party

Paul and I threw Paul Jr. a surprise goodbye party tonight after church.  We figured we had to make it a surprise because we were pretty sure he would hate the idea of it.  Turns out he had figured it out on his own but he was a great sport about it.

 These two pictures show all the "stuff" Paul and I got for him.  Blankets, sheets, pillow, coffee maker, laundry hamper, lots of pens, lots of toiletries and lots of his favorite foods.
 The church prayed over Paul at the end of the service tonight.

 There were many tears.
 Paul has faithfully served, mostly in the background, since we moved here almost 12 years ago.  He was ten when we started attending this church and he has become a man in this church and the people have loved watching him grow up and mature.
 Paul prayed a beautiful prayer over our son.  I didn't even attempt it because I knew what would happen.

 The beautiful cake Angie made for Paul and all the foods.
 The people showered him with love and monetary gifts.  He feels very loved and very blessed.
Benjamin helping Miss Norma serve the punch.
Paul giving a mini speech at the end.

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Anonymous said...

awww...blessings Paul :) it's so hard to believe so many friends are growing up and moving. Our music leaders at our church both just left for college, as well as another girl my age, and now Paul...and...(BIG SOB!) older bro next Sat. I still can't believe it. Although he'll still be close to us and we'll see him at church it def. won't b the same. Anna and I will have to bemoan our brothers together :(-Oriana