Saturday, May 19, 2012

Classical Conversations

We began a whole new homeschool journey this past year. Well, it was mostly Ellie who began a whole new journey, but it affected all of us. Last summer, we knew we wanted to do something different with Ellie for the upcoming school year. She was entering 7th grade and we just weren’t satisfied with how our homeschool high school was going. We felt we were missing something, and we knew Ellie was capable of much more than she was doing.

Paul received an email in the middle of the summer about a new school starting up in Macon. The students would attend one day a week, and then work from home the rest of the week. We attended the meeting and were impressed. It seemed like it would work for Ellie. We decided to think and pray and even fast before we made our decision.

God confirmed in both of our hearts and in early August, Ellie began attending Classical conversations. She took a very rigorous courseload, much harder and much more work than she had ever done before. It was hard and very challenging, for all of us. But she stuck with it and completed the year, doing very well. These pictures show one of her finals. She had to draw the entire world by memory, labeling over 200 countries/capitals and geographical features.

I think she has surprised herself with what she is capable of. And this is just the beginning. I know she is going to do leaps and bounds more than what she did this year. Classical education just makes sense. They begin by drilling young children and filling their minds full of facts, in all different subject areas. They, as their minds mature, they take that knowledge and learn how to use it.

 I am so excited for this upcoming school year. I feel our homeschool has a vision and a goal- we know where we’re going and how we are getting there. Sam and Ben will also be attending Classical Conversations one morning a week. Paul will be teaching Ellie’s class and I will be teaching Ben’s class. It will be a family affair this Fall! We are all looking forward to it.

If you are looking for something new for your homeschool that is really something old, check out Paul and I have been amazed how that this concept spills over into so many areas in our children’s lives, from child training to discipleship to education. We believe it is one of the “ancient paths” that the Bible speaks of.

(These pictures are of  Ellie's maps in progress.)

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