Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sam's Quilt

Sam has been asking for a quilt for a few years now.  He noticed that he was the only one of the kids that I hadn't made a quilt for.  So I told him that after Emma was born, I would make him a quilt.
 Around Emma's first birthday, I started him a quilt.  Then I needed to put the sewing stuff away, and it stayed away several months.  When I realized his birthday was coming up, I decided I was going to finish his quilt.
 And I did.  He was very pleased with it.  It is a superhero quilt, with Spider man, Superman and Batman.
 It came out very well, and very colorful.  I wasn't sure about it when I started it,but when it was finished, I loved it.
 I found the perfect fabric for the backing walking through Walmart one day.  Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America.  Perfect!
Enjoy it Sam!

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Kelly Wall said...

Awesome! I love it!