Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Sam and I have had an ongoing conversation for months.  He was very interested in God and Jesus and the Cross and becoming a saint and not a sinner.  I have been reading to him from an old book which teaches very important truths to young children in an excellent manner.  I have been so impressed with this book and wish very much I would have had it for my older children.

Monday our reading was about Good Friday and Jesus' death.  He sat very still as I read him the story.  We discussed what Jesus' death meant and how all we had to do was believe in Jesus' work on the Cross to be forgiven of our sins.  We even touched on the reality of hell and how it was a terrible place.

But he didn't want to pray yet.  Oh it was so hard for me not to plead and beg him to just go ahead and pray.  But I didn't, yet I made him promise me that he would talk to his dad before he went to bed.

And he did.  And Paul questioned him and told him basically the same thing I did.  But Sam insisted he wanted to pray in his bed. 

Tuesday morning, Sam came bounding into the living room.  I called him over and asked him.  Sam, did you pray last night? 

YEP I DID!  He replied enthusiatically with a huge smile on his face.  I hugged him as tears filled my eyes.  He then proceeded to tell all his siblings and dad, and added that he was "so much happier this morning". 

He has told everyone he has come in contact with.  At the end of church tonight, I whispered to him if he'd like to tell the church.  NO.  He said.  Ok.  I didn't push it.  A few seconds later he looked at me and said ok.  I will.

So I raised my hand and told Paul that Sam had something to share with the church.  Sam got up, and ran up to the front and said, "Me and my dad had a talk the other day and I'm a Christian".  He got choked up and had tears in his eyes.  So sweet.

What a blessing.  Not much more can compare to that!

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