Saturday, February 4, 2012

Emma at 18 months

 Emma turned 18 months almost a month ago.  I got her pictures taken kind of late, but technically, she is still 18 months in these pictures.  She is a mess.  I took her to the lake, all dressed up, but none of the pictures turned out great.  She was in a strange mood and not smiling at all.  The next day, the kids were playing in the yard and I grabbed my camera and got several good shots of her. 
 She loves to be outside and loves to play and loves to be included in anything the boys are doing.
 There's her winning smile!  I love this smile.

 Her hair is obviously still very curly and at times unruly.  She tolerates us fixing it for a few minutes, but when she's done, she won't let us do anything else to it.
 She weighs 31 1/2 pounds and is very tall for her age.  She wears 2t or 3t and enjoys dressing up.
 She loves her brothers, and tends to boss Ben around, keeping him in line.  She will let us know when he gets out of line or doesn't have his shoes on.  The other day Ben could not find his other shoe.  I looked at Emma and said, go get Ben's shoe.  She ran down the hall and ran back within a few seconds with it.  She has that maternal instinct already!
She still reminds me alot of Anna, but as I was looking through Anna's pics at this age, I was amazed at how much she doesn't look like her.  They look like sisters, but Emma has her own look, especially when she smiles.

Emma is a joy and a delight.  I am looking forward to seing her grow and learn the last half of her second year.

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