Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Mountains, Part 2

Thursday morning dawned bright and kind of cloudy, but we didn't mind.  I started the day in the exercise room and Anna sat in the lounge, enjoying the wi-fi, while Ellie enjoyed sleeping in late.  After a quick shower, we headed out, this time to Toccoa Falls.  We visited here years ago and I remember being so amazed at how beautiful this waterfall was.
 The waterfall is on the campus of Toccoa Christian College.  It is just a short walk from the bookstore, and it is amazing.  Even though the day was kind of overcast, the falls were still beautiful.
 Anna loves to get her picture taken and Ellie loves to take her picture.
 Anna and I admiring the Falls
 Posing again.
 The tall waterfall.
 The dam at the top burst on November 6, 1977 and over 30 people lost their lives, all connected to the college.  There were alot of families who lost several members.  So sad.

After the falls, we ate lunch and drove around the rest of the afternoon.  We stopped at several second hand stores and found many treasures.  We enjoyed our last evening with no responsibilities!

Friday morning we drove home.  It was a great vacation.  Thanks Paul for letting us go and have such a good time!  Maybe we can make it a yearly tradition???

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