Friday, February 3, 2012


Where did January go?  I feel like it has flown by!  For whatever reason(s), it was an extremely busy month for our family.  Lots of things to do and go to added to our already full schedule produced alot of busyness.  I didn't intend to neglect my blog, but with the very slow Internet at our house, I couldn't post and most days I couldn't afford the time to run up to the church.  Sooooo, I will try and catch you up on our lives.
 This was at the Sanctity of Life march.  As you can tell, it was a very wet day.  Because it was so wet, we decided that Ben, Emma and I would not go, but Paul, Paul, Jr. and Sam braved the rain and were able to lead the march through the city.  They were impressed with the number of people who turned out in spite of the rain.
 Look how big they are getting!  These are three of the main reasons I am kept busy, all the time!
 Not sure what they were looking at!
 Anna, Ellie and I were able to escape to the mountains for 3 wonderful days a few weeks ago.  We enjoyed having to be responsible for only ourselves, and not any little children.  It was a great respite.  I have some pics to post of that in a later post.
 We start them young at our school.  Actually, having a pen or pencil is one of Emma's very favorite things.  She loves coloring and writing and I am trying to teach her to only do so on a paper.  Of course her favorite canvas is the wall.
 Ben working hard on his school.
 He loves doing his school and Anna is his main teacher.
 I loved this picture of Sam and Emma.  It shows what a great big brother he is and it also shows how he is growing up.  I am amazed that he is almost 7.
Mr. Orneryness himself.  But, with a smile like that, he can get away with alot!!

I have several more posts to go.  I promise to try and post more often!

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