Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Right now, it is 10:23pm, November 24th, Thanksgiving night, 2011.  I am sitting here in the semi darkness of the living room.  Right down the hall, 2 little boys and 1 little girl are asleep in their beds, their bellies full of good food and their hearts full of good memories.  2 older girls are in their big brothers room, watching Bones on the computer and 1 husband is asleep in bed, visions of deer hunting, I am sure, running through his mind.

It is quiet in the house.  The only sound is the sound of the dishwasher, washing the dishes we used today at our thanksgiving feast.  We had, like you I'm sure, an abundance of food.  None of us pushed away from the table wanting for anything.  We were warm, full and happy.

I am so blessed.  God has poured out his blessings on me, and on my family.  We have everything we need, and just about everything we want.

My children are healthy and happy.  My heart breaks for the mother who puts her children to bed, knowing they did not get enough to eat today, or for the mother who worries about the depression one of her children is battling.

My husband dotes on me and is affectionate and loving.  What about the wife whose husband is abusive?  Or the wife whose husband is involved in pornography?  Or the wife whose husband is in heaven?

It is so easy to get so wrapped up in us, that we don't see the bigger picture.  That we miss the fact of how blessed we are.  The songwriter said it best: "Sometimes in my little mess, I foget how big I'm blessed".

But even in all these blessings, it is easy to miss the point.  The point is not the blessings.  The point is the Gospel.  The point is that everyone who has been called to Christ, is blessed.  It's not about health (although we appreciate that).  It's not about happiness.  It's not about thoughtfulness, food, houses or money.

It's about Jesus.

If we have Him, we are above all people, most blessed.

Have a blessed day in Him!!

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Anonymous said...

Well said!

Thankful to be His