Sunday, November 6, 2011


We went camping a few weeks ago with good friends of ours.  I didn't take too many pictures and it seems the ones I did take were mostly of Emma.  Imagine that?? 
 Her hair was crazy here and she was smiling so nicely.

 Here is our redneck campsite.  Paul was concerned (almost obsessive) that it might rain, so he rigged up this tarp so we would have a place to stay dry.  Thankfully, we didn't need it.
 Our tent.  Paul and I actually brought 2 twin sized mattresses and slept very well.
 Not sure what she was doing here, other than getting dirty.
 She got sooooo dirty during these few days.  When we got home, she had dirt caked under everyone of her fingernails.
 Tending the fire
 It was soooo cold the morning we left.

 The foliage was beautiful.
All tired out on the way home.


Anonymous said...

We were having too much fun relaxing to take pics!
Great memories!


I don't think I took any if that makes you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Emma looks just like you in the last picture!!!
Love, Mom

Lonelygirl:( said...

That looks like it was fun :)
(i love that one with Emma in the chair with a blanket) her face is pricless :]