Friday, November 18, 2011

Emma at 16 Months

 Emma turned 16 months old a few days ago.
 She weighs 28 pounds.  She says mama, dada, Paul, Bubba, Anna, Ellie, more and some version of Sam, Ben, Schnitzel, Sheba, shoe, and thank you.
 Emma sleeps about 10-12 hours each night and takes one afternoon nap of about 2 hours.
 She is still a great eater.  Her favorites seem to be black beans, macaroni and cheese and scrambled eggs and toast.  She loves her cup and drinks mostly water.
 Emma does NOT like to be left out of anything.  She wants to be included, just like the big kids.
 Her hair is a mess of curls and on humid days, it is a mess of very tight curls!  She doesn't care to be still for anyone to brush it and she doesn't care to leave any bow in it for very long.
Emma is one very busy little girl and she keeps us busy chasing after her!!

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