Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School 2011-2012

Emma Grace 14 months old VERY independent
She was not into getting her pictures taken on this day.
Benjamin Robert 3 1/2 years old Preschool
Samuel Isaac 6 years old First Grade
Elizabeth Adrian 12 years old 7th grade
Anna Elizabeth 15 years old 10th grade
My class this year
We began school on Wednesday, August 17th. Our school is a bit different this year as Ellie is attending a classical school on Mondays. They have structured her curriculum, and assign her the work and she completes it during the week. It is very rigorous- much more so than our homeschool ever was. But it is so good for Ellie. She is learning things that she never would have. I'm proud of her and her hard work these past 2 weeks.
Anna is doing a different kind of school also this year. She is doing a unit study called "Far Above Rubies". It is an amazing plan that has her learning many different things throughout the year. I am excited for her (and a bit tempted to do some of it along with her!)
Sam is loving first grade. He is reading so well and loves having a real math book this year. Right now we are learning about spiders. He retains just about everything he hears and loves to correct me when I say something wrong. (Reminds me so much of his older brother Paul!)
Benjamin is doing preschool with Anna. He loves it and she is doing a great job with him.
Emma wants to be included in everything! It is proving difficult to keep her entertained while schooling the other children, but I've no doubt we'll figure it out. In my opinion, this is the hardest age to entertain during schooltime. She spends some time in the playpen and some time on the blanket, but other than that, someone has to be watching her and playing with her.
I'm looking forward to this school year and seeing how much we all learn!
This is our fifteenth year of homeschooling- only by the Grace of God!

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