Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Seven Children

Poor Ben. I tried to trim his hair and I messed it up. Badly. I thought maybe it wasn't so bad, but my big kids assured me. It was VERY bad. So Zack took pity on Ben and gave him a buzz. He still looks cute.
Sam and his buddy Zack
Awwww. These 2 little guys were so excited that Zack was coming to visit. They went to bed last night, but awoke when they heard Zack come in and then just had to come out and see him and sit in his lap. It does my heart good to see my children loving each other.
My four sons. It amazes me that 4 boys, raised by the same mom and dad and in the same home can be so different in personalities and looks. Each one is special and each one is loved.
Jacob, my nephew, and Zack. They are 10 hours apart in age and have waited their whole lives to live near each other.
The whole gang of boys.
Of course, in the midst of pictures, there was some fooling around and some showing off of strength.
Not to be outdone, Sam had so show them his strength.
With a little help from his big brother.
And here she comes, the little princess. She is walking so well now she can even walk in her shoes.
The first picture and the worst picture!
Emma: Mom. Am I really related to all these people? Puhlezzz!
That's better.
My seven children.
Ben even has his special happy face on.
My heart is full today. It would be overflowing if my husband were here....

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Anonymous said...

such nice [pictures, its not easy getting everyone together as they get older. So happy for you and I too wish Paul would have been there with you all. We already miss the boys, their presence is very noticable. :) But I always miss you my daughter too!!!